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SimpleDevTools Webpage Link Checker tool scans the given html webpage and identifies all the anchor links in that page and categorizes them as internal links and external links and also provides the nofollow/dofollow information .

Simply enter the webpage for which you want to run the analysis and we will scan the page and provide all the links on the webpage categorizing them as internal links, external links, do follow links  and  no follow links.

Internal links are the links which are pointing to the same website you provided whereas external links are links which point to an external website from the provided webpage. 
Internal Links helps keep a visitor engaged with your website longer.  You can provide popular, related etc., links to other pages on your webpages encouraging user to visit those pages. Internal Links might prompt a viewer to read or learn more about a topic by clicking on the internal link. Internal links with appropriate descriptive anchor text will help in Search Engine Optimization. Internal links will help search engine bots find other web pages on your site and better index the webpages on your website.
Ideally internal links should be more than external links if your website is a content website as internal links helps user engage more time on your website whereas external links make user jump to another website. Buy you still need external links in some places where you want to provide reference to good content/tools/source etc for your website readers. 

When search engine bots are crawling webpages they also crawl to all the links on the webpage. nofollow attribute indicates search engine not to crawl to a specific link or follow a link for crawling and ignore it.  The default is dofollow if nothing is specified
You have to add rel=”nofollow” to a hyperlink like - <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> to tell WebCrawler not to follow that link. Several websites add nofollow to user submitted links to prevent link spamming in their content/comments/forums by users for backlinking. Also its better to add nofollow to if you are adding some links to malicious websites on your posts as that might impact your website's SEO

SimpleDevTools link analyzer is the best online link analyzer tool as it is completely free and very easy to use. You don't have to install any software or pay any Subscription Fee. 
The  tool provides a quick summary of counts of different links and list of all the links on given webpage categorically. You can also easily download the data completely free using the Download link available.