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Have you ever noticed that some urls will have prefix http:// and some urls will have https://
https means that your browser's connection to the website's webserver is secure and data transferred from browser to webserver is encrypted so that no hackers can hack and misuse the data.
SSL Certificates are digital certificates which facilitates this encryption and decryption process between browser and webserver. The browser will encrypt any data sent to the server using the SSL Certificate Public Key and the webserver will have the associated private key. The data encrypted using public key can only be decrypted by using the private key. So even if some hacker steals the sent by browser they cannot use it as they dont have the private key to decrypt the data.

If your website deals with financial transactions, customer's personal information, passwords or any sensitive information then its very highly recommended to use SSL to prevent theft of data.  Nowadays almost every site is having SSL setup as it makes visitors feel confident and secure to access the website. 
Several hosting providers provide ssl certificates and ssl setup services. Check with your hosting provider/domain registrar for ssl setup  

Simply enter the website address and we will check if website has SSL installed and will provide you the details - Certificate Issuer, Certificate Expiry , Certificate Chain, Certificate Algorithm etc. 
SimpleDevTools SSL Certificate utility is the best SSL Checker as its completely free and provides all the SSL Certificate details in simple readable format. You can easily verify if your website's SSL installation is done correctly and can easily check the validity of the certificate.